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Black Diamond Icon Headlamp

Introducing an outstanding accessory for lovers dark, moon-lit nights: the Black Diamond Icon headlamp, this light-up-all-night light is best-in-the-class for exploring the moon or exploring new areas of the night sky. With a simple battery life and no needed, the Black Diamond Icon is top-of-the-heap for long outdoor od days or night walks, sliding shell only needs a simple battery life and no needed, the Black Diamond Icon is an unrivaled accessory for night walks and exploration.

Headlamp Icon

The Black Diamond equipment Icon 700 Headlamp is a high-quality light that is valuable for exploring the natural beauty of the outdoors, it imparts a stylish look and feels peerless in your hand. The light can both be used for hunting and fishing while still being an excellent Headlamp for everyday use, the Black Diamond equipment Icon rechargeable battery is top-notch for use in you it's a small, lightweight battery that makes an excellent addition to your keystone or other outdoor gear. The Black Diamond wiz is an outstanding Headlamp for kids, with its unique and cool style, it is enticing for kids who covet to show the or night sky with their light. The Headlamp extends and it can light up in three colors, it is top-quality for exploring the night sky or for exploring dark sites. This Headlamp is fabricated out of graphite which makes it durable and basic to hold, additionally, the Icon 700 Headlamp grants a long life battery which will keep you going for hours on end.