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Boruit Headlamp Charger

This clear, brown-colored Headlamp Charger is fantastic for lovers who desire to stay illuminated while hiking, camping, or on-the-go, the 3-in-1 Headlamp Charger comes with a battery, Headlamp light, and charger, making it a splendid way for both small and large groups.

Boruit 1200Lm XM-L T6 LED RJ-2157 Waterproof Zoom Headlamp Head Light Flashlight
PRO BORUiT XM-L L2 LED Hunting Headlamp,USB Head Torch Spot Light,Camping Light




BORUiT 1000LM T6 LED Headlamp Hunting Headlight Head Bike Light Torch AA Charger
BROUIT 90000LM XM-L L2 LED Headlamp Hunting Headlight Rechargeable Head Torch US
99000LM BROUIT XM-L L2 LED Rechargeable Head Torch Flashlights Hunting Headlamp
90000LM 3x XM-L UV White Hunting LED Headlamp 18650 Head Light Torch Work Lamp

Boruit Headlamp Parts

The Boruit 10000 lm 3 Headlamp headlight flashlight is a best-in-class light for hunting in dark areas, it gives an 20-mediately visible light spectrum and a mobile app that makes it basic to find your light. The flashlight also presents a fast recharge rate that makes it terrific for long trips, this is a manual for the Boruit headlamp. It is applicable for the Boruit 990000 lm fishing Headlamp and the Boruit hunting light 18650 charger, our Headlamp replacement parts consist of two Boruit Headlamp parts: an 3 x l2 and an 18650 charger. The Headlamp part renders a Headlamp lens and a two-position power switch, while the light part provides 4 l2 led lights, the Boruit Headlamp battery is a high-quality battery that is designed for headlamps. It is an 80000 lm xm-l l2 led Headlamp and it can batteries up to 2 charges, the Boruit Headlamp battery can also be used as a rechargeable head torch. It extends a long battery life and it can last up to 80000 lm over a period of time.