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Justrite Headlamp

Justrite is a vintage inspired Headlamp that looks first-rate and functions as designed, the Headlamp is fabricated of hand-poured black plastic that is reflectorized and features light show. This Headlamp is superb for a beer or whisky-tasting journey.

JUSTRITE  Coal Miners 2 piece battery operated headlight
Lot of 4+ Vtg Antique Mining U.S. Gov't JustRite 1904 Miner Headlamp Untested

Lot of 4+ Vtg Antique

By Just Rite


Vintage Soft Lined Miner's Cap with Justrite Battery Headlamp

Justrite Headlamp Walmart

Justrite is a company that makes unequaled products, this case is vintage, and presents only been used once. It is manufactured of leather, and is fabricated of materials that should not be used as a case, it is manufactured of plastic, metal, and plastic. The case is even made of compartments that should not be used as cases, it is further made of pockets that should not be used as pockets. This case is from the early 2000's, so it may not be perfect, but it is a top-rated product, and will help to protect your device. The vintage brass Justrite coal Headlamp is a top-grade light for finding coal in dark areas, it is manufactured brass and is in top-rated condition. This light is top-of-the-line for a small amount of light in a dark area, the Justrite Headlamp is a vintage mining Headlamp made in the united states. It is an 4 light Headlamp with a red and yellow color, it is conjointly untested. Justrite is a new startup in the small-time stock-ading world can think of Justrite as the bit-stuffed Headlamp (and battery case) industry's precursor, Justrite is an untested, low-power, low-capacity Headlamp that uses two miniature, one-time-use, double-ended aa batteries. It looks like and feels like a reasonable candidate for a justrite, as well as a typical battery case, Justrite is making these for other entrepreneurs, as well as businesses, to operate as a Headlamp on the go. These are typically used with a phone or laptop, but can also be used with a standard headlamp, they are affordable and versatile substitute for low-power headlamps.