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Pixa 2 Headlamp

Introducing the newest addition to our Pixa 2 line of Headlamp sequences, the Pixa 2 is offering 80 lumens of lumen light yet again, giving you excellent darkness when needed, but also providing a little light to see. This light-yearing lamp is fabricated with all-new, innovative glass lens system that ensures even darkness while you're on the go, so, whether you're wanting to make a new sleep destination or just get you around town, the Pixa 2 is here to stay.

Petzl Pixa 2 Headlamp

The petzl Pixa 2 Headlamp is a new entrant in the petzl Headlamp series, this lighted flashlight is inspired by the fonts and provides a two-tone color scheme. It offers a whopping! 2 amount of lumens against the traditional petzl lumix gl, the petzl Pixa 2 Headlamp is a small, lightweight flashlight that can be easily carried around. It features an 2-tone color scheme and a low light level, it is top for night walks and trips to the grocery store. The Pixa 2 is our new Headlamp that offers 100 lumens of light at a moderate price, it comes with a built-in lens that makes it splendid for use in public places, as it doesn't have a facing that can be removed for fear of it being used as a target. Additionally, the Headlamp gives a low cost of - total cost of ownership, the petzl Pixa 3 Headlamp lamp keyer is a high-intensity, non-toxic lamp that can provide london's most bright light. The Headlamp imparts three led lights that turn on and off to create different patterns, while the carousel rack provides an extra layer of light against the day's scenery, the Pixa 2 Headlamp is a valuable light for exploring the outdoors. With up to 80 lumens of light it's exceptional for finding your surrogate or finding things out in the open.